Home Forex brokers Forex4You broker. Detailed review of Forex4You broker

Forex4You broker. Detailed review of Forex4You broker

Forex4You broker. Detailed review of Forex4You broker

Introduction of Forex4you broker

Founded in 2007, its idea of financial investment had many difficulties due to financial crisis in the US one year earlier. The attempt to steer a new business has built up the powerful Forex4you brand name.

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Investing in exclusive Forex4you platform

In addition to using MT4, the firm invests a lot of money in building an exclusive platform with unique features only Forex4you customers can access and use, available on mobile, desktop and webtrader apps.

The diversity of Forex4you accounts

Currently Forex4you offers 5 types of accounts to investors as follows: Cent, Classic, Cent NDD, Classic NDD and Pro STP

These types of accounts are slightly different as follows: when choosing Cent account type, investors have 10 times lower risk and profit than the other, which is suitable for new investors because they only spend a small amount but take advantage of all the features of the technology platform with leverage up to 1: 1000.

If you are a trader who is interested in speed and absolutely no latency in trades, Pro STP account will be  optimize, however, investors can only use leverage at the rate of 1: 200.

If you only consider yourself to be a passive investor with copying, Pro STP account is not ideal. In general, the types of accounts at Forex4you have low spread compared to the market, the execution speed is almost instant and especially, there is no minimum margin requirement.

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The technology revolution 4.0 Share4you

Passive financial investment has never been easier for investors like now, especially with the help of Share4you, everything is almost perfect.

Share4you is a program which connects masters and investors, to summarize the situation of transactions of more than 1,000 effective traders worldwide and the task of an investor is to choose a suitable master at their own risk.

In order to be selected as a master for customers at Forex4you, the master needs to prove effective for 6 consecutive months, the risk must be within the allowed level of the program.

Therefore, the activities of the master are under the control of forex4you. As a completely new investor, you can take advantage of this method to make a profit without spending any money other than sharing the profits to the master you are copying.

In my opinion, this is an extremely useful program. Investors should not rush and spend time studying.

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Đánh giá 10 sàn giao dịch Forex uy tín nhất và phí thấp nhất cho trader Việt và top 10 thế giới

Diversified promotion programs of Forex4you broker

Forex4you often activates bonus programs up to 100% deposit or $ 5000 cash for enough volume on real accounts or luxurious travel to Europe.

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For modern trading platform, however, MT5 has not been updated yet. Investors have been quite impressed with the new features of MT5, if it feaured this platform, Forex4you will be more complete.


Despite the fierce competition in the financial market, Forex4you forex broker always tries to perfect and desire to provide the quintessence of the market to investors. The firm also showed its respect to domestic investors when it opened an office to provide direct support. There are advantages and disadvantages, but Forex4you is a worthy destination.

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